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Falooda, Coconut and Basil Seed Drink

Falooda Rang e
Mango Falooda
Strawberry Falooda
Rose Falooda
Coconut Milk Drink Range
Banana Flavour
Mango Flavour
Original Flavour
Melon Flavour

Basil Seeds Drink Range
Strawberry Flavour
Mango Flavour
Pomegranate Flavour
Kiwi Flavour
Orange Flavour
Watermelon Flavour
Lychee Flavour
Blueberry Flavour
Cocktail Flavour


Celebration is incomplete without the Falooda so we at Jan foods bring you the recipe mixes for the perfect Falooda so you don’t have to do the hard work. Convenience and the perfect taste is what we at Jan Foods strive for.


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